Just like having oral sex, the fresh new “taboo” out of a non-procreative sex work is probably area of the notice

Just like having oral sex, the fresh new “taboo” out of a non-procreative sex work is probably area of the notice

Cuckolding is a specific type of voyeurism. Historically, the word “cuckold” was used to describe a man who’d been deceived by an adulterous wife. These days, the word “cuckold” refers to a person (usually a man) who’s turned on by watching their partner having sex with another person. Why does this fantasy get some people hot and bothered? “Often, it’s the thrill of the taboo or transgression of the monogamous norm,” Midori explains. “Some enjoy it because they’re getting pleasure from their partner’s pleasure. For others, it can be part of their dominance and submission erotic narrative.” If you and your partner are particularly enterprising, you can is cuckolding in real life, too.

Anal Sex

Some people fantasize about a good ol’ fashioned anal pounding, whether the backdoor plays a role in their actual sex life or not. According to an effective 2014 data published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, giving or receiving anal penetration is a popular sexual fantasy, especially among men. “It makes anal an intimate act,” Alicia Sinclair, sex educator and founder of the anal sex toy company b-State of mind, told Men’s Wellness. “There is also an element of dominance and submission that can be very sexy in the power dynamics of a sexual experience.”

Alien Sex

People fantasize about aliens in all kinds of ways. Some are into the idea of getting abducted, while others get moist for medical experimentation, alien egg-laying, or tentacles. The overarching theme is transgression. We’re “not supposed to” interact sexually with intergalactic species-and like many other fantasies on this list, taboo is a turn-on! While you probably can’t get your extraterrestrial freak on with the real deal, alien porn and alien role play might help you scratch your itch (there are even sex toys that allow you to put “alien egg” inside a partner).

Sex Having a stranger

From programs to bars to glory holes, there are lots of ways to meet a stranger for an anonymous hookup in real life or just in your dirty mind. The “no strings attached” nature of anonymous sex is what makes this fantasy so arousing. When you’re bogged down with daily responsibilities, the idea of sex that’s just sex-with zero emotional attachments or expectations-can be quite appealing.

Sex Which have a boss

Considering the imbalanced power dynamic and potential consequences, having sex with your real-life boss is usually inadvisable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t think about banging your boss or a fictional authority figure, and chances are, you already do. When Dr. Justin Lehmiller conducted a large-scale study on sexual fantasies, 62.5% of the people surveyed said they’d fantasized about having sex with an authority figure, such as a boss or teacher. Why? “The sexual mind loves power,” Lehmiller told Men’s room Health. If you want to get railed over your desk IRL, try some boss/employee role play with a partner.

Doctor/Diligent Sex

In the realm of authority figures, doctors easily slip into sexual fantasies. After all, they already have intimate access to their patients’ parts. “Dine our bodies, so fantasy dinations and touch us in fantasy ways,” Midori says. “Doctor/patient fantasies are another naughty scenario of transgressing social norms safely.” If you want to let your medical fetish flag fly, buy some latex gloves and try playing doctor with a partner.


Most of the time, couples engaging in P-in-V sex are either trying to A) get pregnant, or B) not get pregnant. And some people are turned on by the idea of getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant, even if that’s not something they want in reality. People of all genders and orientations can have impregnation fantasies, even if they never have the kind of sex that could actually put a bun in someone’s oven. At their core, these fantasies-which are sometimes called a “breeding” fetish-are about dominance and submission. The “breeder” gets to dominate the receptive partner by ejaculating inside them, while the receptive partner gets to be “taken” or “used.” If you’re role playing a breeding scene with a partner and don’t want getbride.org gГҐ hit to do any real baby-making, make sure you’re using at least one form of birth prevention.

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